Sutorbilt Blower Legend Series “P” Performance Parameters

The Sutorbilt Blower Legend “P” series was introduced in 1995 with upgraded features compared to the “L” series. The primary changes were harder gears, cylindrical roller bearing on the drive shaft and viton elastomers in the seals.

The table below contains performance data for the Sutorbilt Legend “P” Series. Performance is based on 14.7 PSIA, 68F and 36% Relative Humidity.

3MP Sutorbilt Legend Blower
3MP Sutorbilt Legend Blower, gear end
Sutorbilt Legend 4HP drive end
Sutorbilt Legend 4HP gear end
Sutorbilt Legend 5HL gear end
Sutorbilt Legend 5HL drive end
FrameConnMax RPMcfrSlipMax ΔTShaft DiaMax ΔPMax VacMax ICFM @ 1PSI
2MP1" NPT52750.0175002150.625121581
2LP2" NPT52750.0354501850.625714169
3HP1-1/4" NPT36000.0452802200.751516149
3MP2" NPT36000.062601850.751215200
3LP2-1/2" NPT36000.1042301600.75714350
4HP1-1/2" NPT36000.0692552100.8751516233
4MP2-1/2" NPT36000.1172251800.8751016398
4LP3" NPT36000.172151600.875714580
5HP2-1/2" NPT28500.141502001.1251516378
5MP4" NPT28500.211401801.1251316569
5LP4" NPT28500.351251601.125714954
6HP3" NPT23500.2271302401.3751516504
6MP5" NPT23500.3831152251.3751416856
6LP6" FLG23500.7181001601.3757121615
7HP4" NPT20500.3671002401.5621516716
7MP6" FLG20500.733852251.56210161440
7LP8" FLG20501.2751601.5626122370
8HP4" NPT18000.566902401.751516968
8MP8" FLG18001.04752251.7510161794
8LP10" FLG18001.74671601.756123015

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