The Green Machine

Is that a lawn tractor?  Nope! It’s a vacuum pump package that will be integrated into a waste collection system for the textile industry


System Specifications

Package, Vacuum, V1, 68 URAI, 30 HP, 286T Frame

Roots 68 URAI Blower
Electric Motor: 30 HP, 1800 RPM, TEFC, 208-230/460, 3PH, 60 HZ, SF: 1.15 Premium Eff
Elevated VB567 for Blower, Motor, & Accessories
Motor Slide Base w/ Twin Adjusting Screws
Inlet Morse Coupling, 5″
Discharge Flexible Connector, 4″
Discharge Silencer, 4″
Vacuum Relief Valve, Kunkle 215-2″, Set at 11″ HGG
Vacuum Gauge with Snubber & Petcock



Gas: Air
Inlet Volume: 600/346 (ACFM/SCFM)
Site Elevation: 500′
Barometric Pressure: 14.4 psia
Relative Humidity: 80%
Inlet Temperature: 100 deg F
Inlet Pressure Loss: 0.1 psi
Inlet Vacuum: 10″Hgg
Discharge Pressure Loss: 0.2 psi
System Discharge Pressure: 14.4 psia
Differential Pressure: 5.2 psi
Speed: 1913 RPM (81% of Maximum)
Shaft Power: 18.1
Discharge Temperature: 210 deg F
Differential Temperature: 110 deg F
Estimated Noise Level: 89 dBA at 1 meter

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