Vacuum Silencer and Air Water Separator Combo



This project is a combination vacuum pump silencer and air water separator.  The unit serves as a base for a vacuum package, employing a vacuum system to separate water and vapor while also attenuating noise from the vacuum pump discharge.

Separator Silencer, Roots VJP 8, 304 Stainless Steel
3/16″ Thick Shell, Ø24″

8″ Discharge Flange
8″ SCH 40 Inlet Pipe

Suitable for use with 616 VJ and 75 HP Motor
Also Suitable for 418 VJ and Motors up to 125 HP


This particular unit is used by a customer who produces chromic oxide used in pigments, refractories, cosmetics, and chrome metal production. Other common applications include soil remediation, manufacturing processes, and any vacuum application that requires liquid separation prior to vacuum pumping.

Air Water Separator blower package base
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