VFD Control System with Remote Radio Control

This customer was faced with an interesting challenge at an environmental cleanup site.  A pump was needed to pull water at a variable rate from a deep well in a very remote location.  Due to the unique circumstances of this project, modern remote communication technologies were not an option.  Our team was able to help our customer engineer a solution that uses a data radio modem to control the variable frequency drive (VFD) and submersible pump.  After acquiring the required FCC license to operate the transmitter, this system can now be controlled from a base station far from the well.  The project has gone so well so far that additional systems are now in planning for future installation.

Control Panel, VFD, Power vented enclosure, SCADAFLEX 2, Reveon transmitter

  • SCE VFD vented enclosure with optional mounting feet or straps (max 65″x36″x16″)
  • UL 489 main breaker
  • TECO EQ7 VFD 25 HP
  • Line reactor
  • 7.5 KVA NEMA 3R transformer
  • EATON UL489 secondary breakers
  • Scadaflex II PLC
  • Raveon VHF radio with antenna
  • RV-M215-VB
  • PS-60-M21
  • RT-AN-MV1
  • RT-AM-MC5
  • RT-AN-395
  • quid level switch GEMS LS750
  • Level transmitter for well
  • GFCI outlets
  • 30MM pilot devices

All components listed above were placed in a single vented enclosure except for an externally mounted transformer. Completed panel was tested and UL stamped before shipment.

Control panel with VFD for well pump, interior
Control panel with VFD for well pump, exterior
Control panel with VFD for well pump, detail
Control panel detail 1
Control panel detail 2
Control panel detail 6
Control panel detail 5
Control panel detail 3
Control panel detail 4
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