What is the difference between the Solberg F and FS series?

The Solberg F and FS series are both inlet filters used for blowers, compressors, and motors.  Both series feature:

  • Durable weatherproof housing made from corrosive resistant carbon steel with a powder coat finish, that can be removed to service the filter element
  • Ample surface area for long lasting filtration
  • 99%+ removal efficiency standard – Polyester: 5 microns, Paper: 2 microns
  • Heavy gauge base with low pressure drop outlet pipe and center bracket design

While the F series provides filtration only, the FS series stands for Filter Silencer and also provides noise attenuation.  In the F series, air enters under the weatherhood and then passes through the filter.  In the FS series, the assembly is enclosed and air must enter through metal tubes under the weatherhood.  From the top or side view, both filters look the same but if you look underneath you will see the difference:

F Series – air enters under the hood before passing through the filter
FS Series – air enters through silencing tubes before passing through the filter
Typical Noise Attenuation of the FS series