Large pneumatic conveying blower package
Pneumatic Conveying Blower Package February 16, 2023

Designed for a pneumatic conveying application, this pressure package features a large rotary blower that was repurposed and converted from gas service to air service for this new application.

Previous blower that was scrapped
Dual Stage Pressure Package for Biodiesel Production July 27, 2022

Biodiesel is a clean-burning, renewable alternative to diesel fuel that is produced using different types of waste products collected from other industries, like used cooking oil from restaurants and factories.  These oils and fats are turned into biodiesel through a chemical process known as transesterification.  As a part of this production process, positive displacement blowers […]

Self Erecting Baum Jig
Custom Fabrication of Self Erecting Baum Jig May 23, 2022

Pressure and vacuum systems are our specialty, but we do find it hard to pass up a fun challenge. One of our long-time customers knows our large material handling capabilities and comes to us for assistance with large special projects, like this self-erecting, transportable baum jig which we are currently fabricating.

Enclosed Pressure Package for Conveying Wood Flour April 28, 2022

Wood composite is a popular alternative to standard lumber for decking, fences, and other outdoor applications.  These composite materials are made by combining wood flour with plastic resins and then forming them into boards by extrusion or injection molding. This customer of ours needed a pressure package to convey the wood flour from storage silos […]

P2 pressure package with Roots 59 URAI
Plastic Conveying Pressure Package March 28, 2022

Most of our projects begin with basic application specifications from our customers which our engineers use to size a custom blower package that will meet the requirements. In this case, our customer needed a pressure package to convey PET regrind through a 4″ line at 1500 lbs/hr. The total distance the material would travel is […]

small V2 vacuum package
Soil Vapor Extraction Vacuum Package February 4, 2022

Our customer is an environmental consulting firm who handles a range of projects including soil remediation, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, bioventing, mine dewatering, waste water handling, and more.  This particular project is a vacuum system that will be used for soil vapor extraction.

oyster aeration package
Aeration Blower Package for Oyster Hatchery January 31, 2022

This blower package is headed to an oyster hatchery where it will be used to provide aeration. The oystery is open to the public so it was important for this blower package to be contained in an enclosure to reduce the decibels of noise generated by the equipment. The solution we provided was a small […]

412904 615 urai direct drive pressure package
Direct Drive Package for Lagoon Aeration September 14, 2021

Our customer has created an innovative approach to wastewater aeration by pairing a shore-based power source with floating aeration units that are adaptable to a wide range of applications and climates.  This blower package, along with the power and electrical components, will be housed in a weather proof enclosure on shore that feeds air out through flexible hose to the floating aerators.

Custom Fabricated Components for Wet Jig
Fabricated Components for Wet Jig System April 8, 2021

pdblowers has assisted one of our long time customers with yet another large scale custom fabrication project, building many of the components for a wet jig system.

616 RAM pressure package
Pressure Package for Zinc Recycling Facility February 23, 2021

This 100HP pressure package featuring a 616 RAM blower is going to be installed at a state-of-the-art facility that recovers valuable zinc oxides from the industrial waste stream. More than a million tons of steel dust are generated by US steel mills using the electric arc furnace method to melt scrap steel. At this facility, […]

412 RAM pressure package (guard)
Roots 412 RAM Pressure Package February 3, 2021

This 40HP 412 RAM pressure package is headed to a plant where kaolin is mined and processed for a wide range of applications including paints, plastics, paper, cement, ink, and insulation.

Control panel with VFD for well pump, interior
VFD Control System with Remote Radio Control January 29, 2021

This customer was faced with an interesting challenge at an environmental cleanup site.  A pump was needed to pull water at a variable rate from a deep well in a very remote location.  Due to the unique circumstances of this project, modern remote communication technologies were not an option.  Our team was able to help […]

drawing of a direct drive blower package
Direct Drive Package for Blower Integrator December 18, 2020

At pdblowers we work with all types of customers, from end users and resellers to OEMs and other equipment integrators.  This package was designed for a direct drive 4005 Tuthill blower and 15 HP motor which will be integrated by our customer once the package arrives at their facility.

Sewage Aeration Package, clamshell enclosure exterior
Sewage Aeration Package with Clamshell Enclosure November 17, 2020

At an industrial sewage lift station, a small pressure package was needed for aeration that could be contained in a lockable hinged enclosure. This lightweight aluminum clamshell enclosure is mounted over the package where it can easily be hinged open for maintenance and then locked in the closed position.

The Green Machine October 21, 2020

Is that a lawn tractor?  Nope! It’s a vacuum pump package that will be integrated into a waste collection system for the textile industry  

carbon capture package 1
Blower Package for CO2 Capture Technology October 6, 2020

We have just completed a pressure package that will be part of a pilot program to capture carbon dioxide from power plant discharge.  The 1012 RGS-J Roots blower package has many special features to extend its lifespan in a very harsh environment, such as electroless nickel plating on the blower and 316 SS accessories like […]

Custom noise enclosure for existing equipment August 18, 2020

This enclosure was built to fit on top of an existing blower package in a plastic recycling plant. Our engineers worked with the customer to design an enclosure that would meet their sound dampening needs while fitting around existing equipment, electrical connections, and piping.

Solberg BBF Silencer Frame Blower Package August 3, 2020

While most of our packages are built on pdblowers bases and skids, we are also happy to integrate other components to meet our customers’ specifications like this BBF-200 Solberg Base. This package is now installed at a wastewater treatment plant.

Soil Remediation Equipment Retrofits July 7, 2020

For one of our long-time soil remediation customers, we frequently assist them with equipment maintenance and retrofits.  Soil remediation equipment may need refurbishment before moving from one cleanup site to another, or might be brought in to upgrade some of the components. 

Custom Fabrication of Large Components June 2, 2020

While pressure and vacuum systems are our primary focus, our production facility has all of the tools and expertise to fabricate large custom parts for our customers.  In this project we built VLR Turning Vanes and a Fine Bubble Effluent Weir Box for a wastewater treatment facility.  Our customer provided the specifications and initial drawing […]

406 RAM Direct Drive Vacuum Package with Wireless Access VFD April 21, 2020

This direct drive vacuum pump package was built for on-site soil remediation work.  Since the customer frequently needs to relocate the package, they asked us to coat the skid in Rhinoguard to make it more durable.  It also features a variable frequency drive (VFD) and control panel with wireless access so the equipment can be […]

Dewatering Bucket Wheels December 10, 2019

In our 50,000 square foot manufacturing facility, large scale material handling is common.  Gantries, hoists, and several large bridge cranes allow movement of even the largest fabricated components.  So when one of our customers needed custom fabricated components for a large dewatering bucket wheel system, we were up for the challenge.

Blower Package for Peanut Shelling Plant October 22, 2019

Our blower packages are used in a wide range of agricultural conveying applications.  After final assembly, this pressure package will be integrated into a larger conveying system ultimately headed for a new peanut shelling plant.

Blower Packages for Waste Wood Processing October 11, 2019

These eight pressure packages will be integrated with turnkey systems that grind and shred waste wood, such as shipping pallets, into chips for removal and recycling.

Stainless steel air/water separator
36″ Air/Water Separator, 304 Stainless Steel October 3, 2019

One of our soil remediation customers was in need of a new 36″ air/water separator.  Their existing equipment was built with painted steel and over time this began to rust, so the new unit was designed with 304 stainless steel.  Since the new unit was replacing existing equipment, care was taken to insure the new […]

OEM Vacuum Packages for Material Handling System September 5, 2019

At pdblowers, we partner with a number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to build packages that will be incorporated into larger complex systems.  The equipment for these packages can be provided by pdblowers, or can include parts provided by the OEM.  The packages can also be fully branded with the OEMs logo and colors. In […]

Adjustable Pressure Package with Chiller for Aerospace Material Testing August 7, 2019

In this interesting application, our customer is testing the heat resistance of materials used in airplanes.  Cold air is pumped into the bottom of a test chamber while the materials are heated in the center of the chamber.  As the air leaves through the top of the chamber, the temperature difference between the air at […]

Agitation Blower Package July 1, 2019

This blower package is used for agitation at a plant that manufactures aluminum electrode foil.  Since it was replacing existing equipment, care was taken to provide equipment that would not only match the system specs like RPMs, horsepower, and pressure, but that would also have the same type of lubrication needs and maintenance schedule for minimal […]

Project 390748 - equipment enclosure
Industrial Water Treatment Blower Package May 6, 2019

An enclosed version of our P3 pressure package, this project featured a 47 URAI blower, 10 HP motor, and starter panel on a custom fabricated skid with forklift slots for easy transport.  The acoustical enclosure was galvanized steel with removable doors and roof and a 120V exhaust fan.

Custom 100 Gallon Air Water Separator March 28, 2019

pdblowers recently completed a custom 36″ air water separator for an environmental remediation customer.To meet the customer’s specifications, the unit was built with a carbon steel body and stainless steel internal baffle and can hold 100 gallons.