Remote monitoring that excels in quality, not cost

Imagine finding out everything you need to know about operations from a computer, tablet, or cell phone. Now imagine that you’re using a system rated for industrial use; you know it’s going to last, especially in harsh environments, or on the move. These remote monitoring systems exist. We build them. And we build them at the same cost of older, auto-dialer technology that other control panel manufacturers still promote. What we do with remote monitoring that no one else does is deliver the resilience and flexibility of an industrial system.

Eaton modem for remote monitoring control system
UL Control Panel Components - Red Lion

Industrial components are best suited to handle the needs for an industrial process. We only use industrial-strength modems and battery backups; while other vendors usually rely on elements designed for short-term, commercial use. Our remote monitoring systems have:

  • Full UL certification
  • UL-certified battery backups (commercial ones can melt or catch fire)
  • Eaton modems, which are multi-carrier, not locked into one carrier

The components in our systems have longevity. They help our clients avoid the hassle of frequent service. Some components commit users to specific carriers for communications. Our systems are versatile. If you find a better deal for data processing, your remote monitoring system from us is not going to stop working.

System types, monitor options

The only element you need to run remote monitoring is an internet connection. It can be land-based, such as DSL or cable, or use a cellular network. We can set up remote monitoring for any process, for blowing, pumping, treating, thermal oxidization—anything for which you need telemetry data delivered when you’re not onsite. All the systems we build use a programmable logic controller (PLC) to interface with controls onsite and deliver remote measurements. No special software comes into play.

These remote monitoring systems can provide different access and permissions to different users. It can allow users to connect remotely to read measurements as if at the site. It can send alerts by text or email, record telemetry information, all of which can be customized. A user can set an alert, as many as necessary, that send reports about operation—i.e. “Tank is Full.” The alert capability is expansive, with full text description options, far exceeding older, auto-dialer system options.

Remote monitoring text alerts

For new system builds of any type, we regularly integrate remote monitoring capability with system controls. We’ll typically build the control panel and interface, including an HMI (Human Machine Interface) where operators use pictures to observe operations. Remote control and monitoring systems allow operators to observe and control operation from their iPhone or iPad. Retrofits are no problem. All we need to establish is PLC capability. Then we can design a custom solution for your application.

Testing, Installation, Support

Before we deliver, your system is thoroughly tested to verify logic and simulate all inputs and outputs. We can test in our facility, or onsite. For CSA/CUL panels, our facility can perform high voltage testing. If needed, our team can also assist your team with installation and final testing after the system is shipped. You’ll be able to reference the schematics with your operating manual and contact our experienced team if you need additional support. We will be here to help.

For remote monitoring that integrates industrial components with the everyday technology we use to work offsite, contact us. We’ll answer any questions. You can also read more about our UL-certified Control Panel capability.

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