Pressure and Vacuum Packages

Pneumatic conveying systems can involve a vacuum pump for suction, pulling material from point to point with surrounding air; or they might use a blower for positive pressure, blowing and pushing material in a given direction. More complex systems may use a combination of blower and vacuum pump, or an air compressor, to direct air and move material. It all depends on the type of material and the forces that must be overcome to move it.

Process Control Systems

We also work with businesses to help manage their process and integrate it with existing equipment. With a process and instrumentation diagram (P&ID), we can build an electrical panel to handle power and control needs. We can provide contact closure interfaces, timers, and meters and level indicators. Our engineers can build a basic interface or a PLC (programmable logic controller) and HMI (human machine interface) technology. Learn more about our control panel capability.

Conveying blower and vacuum packages for any industry

Conveying system packages for plastics

Plastics Conveying

We’ve designed systems for precise, reliable, and economical material handling in the plastics industry—bulk handling of dyes, powders, and pellets, in transfers from silo to mix. Our blower and vacuum packages are sized for effective performance.

Conveying system packages for poultry processing

Poultry Processing

Blower packages are used extensively in the poultry industry to convey elements through efficient systems for processing. We have extensive experience providing these packages for eggshell, ice, and parts / pieces conveying.

Cement conveying system packages

Cement Conveying

Blower packages are used at many stages of cement production and transport. Our packages can be used to convey various initial materials (including combustion air) in and out of the kiln. Blowers then convey the cement from production stage through transport points like railcar, truck, and bulk container, all the way to concrete batching facilities.

Lime conveying system packages for wastewater treatment

Wastewater Treatment

Conveying systems are used extensively in wastewater treatment to convey lime, from silo and truck, to the basin where it mixes with water to adjust pH and alkalinity for drinking water. In wastewater, the lime acts as a natural coagulant to aid in solids settling and may also be used to optimize water used for boilers.

Conveying system packages for food processing

Food and Agriculture

Blower packages are often used to convey the bulk materials of agriculture—to move wheat, corn, flours and sugars, nuts, and even lettuces from silo to truck. They are also used to separate materials, like cotton seeds, after cotton ginning. At the end of production, our blowers are used for packaging, conveying ingredients from silo to mixing station where they’re metered in specific amounts.

Conveying system packages for oil and gas

Oil and Gas

In oil and gas industries, vacuum packages are used to convey a variety of materials, including oil. They may be used to vacuum slurry or shavings out of deep wells. Blowers may also be used to remove fracking sand or other debris from trucks. Our packages are widely used in this type of application.

Activated carbon conveying system packages for power plants

Carbon Injection Systems

The type of material handled can create special demands on a system. We’ve created custom conveying packages for activated carbon injection systems used in power plants. These systems remove the carbon from exhaust.

Fly ash conveying system packages

Fly Ash Handling

In the regulated power industry, systems handling emissions and combustion byproducts are highly engineered. One of our special domains is working with industries handling hot ash from coal combustion. Our systems help to separate air from ash, then move ash to silos where it may be landfilled, used in concrete or otherwise repurposed.

Sawdust conveying system packages

Paper, Wood Chip & Sawdust Conveying

The paper industry uses our blower packages at several processing stages. After lumber is chipped, pneumatic conveyors blow chips to where it is made into a cellulose mix. After the mix is formed over wire frames, vacuum removes excess water. Sawdust byproduct is conveyed to another site in the plant to be used as a fuel source, to create heat or steam for another process stage.

Custom conveying system packages

Unique Applications

Our packages are modular for easier use and flexible purposes. If you can blow it through a pipe, we can find a solution. We are always seeking opportunities to grow. One unique application that satisfied a sustainability issue for a fishery was the Salmon Cannon™. Check it out!

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