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This is a pdblowers standard 30″air water separator which employs a vacuum system to separate water and vapor. These units can be purchased as a stand alone device or integrated into a complete system. They are primarily used in vacuum systems across a wide range of industries. Common applications include soil remediation, manufacturing processes, and any vacuum application that requires liquid separation prior to vacuum pumping.

Our standard units are built from stainless steel to avoid rust and corrosion, although other materials can be used. Our units also feature a separable design and inspection port for easy disassembly and maintenance. They can be used with a barometric leg system and are often paired with accessories like external level controls with float switches, UL control panels, and more. Our air/water separators are the result of 25 years of product development – click to learn more about our design and materials.

30″ Diameter Air/Water Separator

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