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Aeon PD Grease for CycloBlower and Sutorbilt Legend Blowers

High performance grease engineered for use in positive displacement blowers and vacuum pumps, specifically the Sutorbilt Legend series and CycloBlower truck blowers.  Aeon PD grease provides optimum bearing performance, even under extreme pressure and high temperature.

  • Formulated with antiwear additives to maximize equipment life
  • Contains rust inhibitors which provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion
  • Provides superior protection in a wide operating temperature range of -40° F to 350° F


NLGI Grade 2
Soap Type Lithium Complex
Mineral Oil Viscosity
cSt at 40° C 150
cSt at 100° C 13
SUS at 100° F 750
SUS at 210° F 70
ISO Viscosity Grade 150
Penetration at 23° C, worked 280
Dropping point, ASTM D 2265, ° F 475

Correct lubrication is critically important in maintaining long bearing life.  Avoid the risk of early bearing failure due to incompatible greases by using factory specified AEON PD Grease with your Gardner Denver blowers.  To maintain the performance characteristics of AEON PD Grease, completely clean previously used greases from the blower as different types of grease may not be compatible. For specific usage instructions, refer to your blower Operating and Maintenance Manual.

Gardner Denver part numbers:
Aeon grease single tube – 28H282
Aeon grease case of 10 tubes – 28H283



Aeon PD Blower Grease – 14oz Tube

BOM Number: 28H283, 28H282 SKU: 31787.01 Category:


Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 2.175 × 2.175 × 9.375 in

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