Product Description

Stoddard Model Designation: F65-8
Inline Filter, 8″ FLG Connection
Dimensions: 30″ OAL 24″ Diameter
Rated Capacity: 1800 CFM
Element Type(s): Paper, Felt, or Wire
Weight: 220 lbs

The F65 Series Inline Filter for pressure service is designed for use on blowers, engines and compressors.

This inline filter can utilize either felt, paper, or wire filter elements rated at up to 99% removal efficiency at 1 micron

Filter element part numbers:
F8-111 Paper element
F8-139 Felt element
F8-132 Wire mesh element

The front cover is removable for access to the air filter element.

Housing is designed to withstand an internal pressure of 15 psig.

Standard finish is red oxide primer.

Coarse threaded wing studs allow for easy access to the F65 for servicing the filter elements.

F65-8 FLG Stoddard Inline Filter

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Stoddard F65 Inline Filter for Pressure Service
1800 CFM
8″ FLG Connection

Shipping Weight: 215 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 30 × 30 × 26 in
Assembly Type:

Inline Filter

Max Flow:

1800 CFM

Connection Size:

8" FLG

Media Type:

Felt, Paper, Wire


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