Our Team

The people of pdblowers, Inc. make it the human, customer-focused business that it is. In pursuit of the best solution, application engineers communicate with client service professionals on a daily basis. Our work together makes our business work. For almost 30 years, we’ve embraced challenges and change with a team spirit and we’re looking forward to the future.


Get to Know Some of Our Team

Dave RogersApplications, Project ManagementRead More
Lexie Yancey
Lexie YanceyCustomer Service
Elena Nash
Elena NashCustomer Service
Jack Hene
Jack HeneCustomer Service
Lindsey Marshall
Lindsey MarshallMarketing
Shannon George
Shannon GeorgeAdministration
Jared Moody
Jared MoodyDesign
Matt Hardeman
Matt HardemanDesign
Kishor Trivedi
Kishor TrivediService
John Thompson
John ThompsonDesign
Dwayne Ogletree
Dwayne OgletreeReceiving, Materials
Cory Hene
Cory HeneMaterials
Alan Hernandez
Alan HernandezShipping
Mike DiGiovanni
Mike DiGiovanniService
Todd Koralik
Todd KoralikAdminstration

Len Hene

An inspirational figure, father, and mentor—Len Hene is essential to pdblowers history. Len was well-known for his integrity, a reputation that rested on decades of accomplishment in engineering product design and building relationships, primarily for Dresser Roots.

Len inspired his son Jim to pursue his own interest in engineering and helped him pilot his career. He was also a mentor to John Mattick and introduced the two who would become business partners. Len helped them establish their partnership and joined pdblowers, Inc. himself as consultant in 1993, providing insight and support until his death in 2017.

Len Hene’s knowledge and influence is remembered at pdblowers. The legacy of his life’s work continues.