• Roots 59 URAI Blower
  • Electric Motor: 25 HP, 1800 RPM, TEFC, 230-460/3/60
  • Elevated Baseplate for Blower, Motor, and Accessories
  • 25 HP V-Belt Drive & Guard w/ Removable Front Cover
  • Inlet Inline Filter, 4″ w/ Paper Element
  • Inlet Silencer, 4″
  • Inlet Flexible Connector, 4″
  • Discharge Flexible Connector, 4″
  • Discharge Silencer, 4″
  • Vacuum Relief Valve, Kunkle 215V-2″, Set at 14″ HGG
  • Motor Slide Base w/ Twin Adjusting Screws, 284T
  • Vacuum Gauge & Filter Delta P Gauge
  • Inlet Adapter: 5″ OD Tube Connection
  • Discharge Absorptive Silencer, 4″ with Piping & Brackets
V5 Vacuum Packages featuring CT-234P-400C inline filters and U5 4" inlet silencers
V5 Vacuum Packages featuring 59 URAI blowers and 25HP motors
Polyethylene Conveying Vacuum Packages
Shipping crate for V5 Vacuum Package
Latest Projects

Resin Conveying Vacuum System

Positive displacement vacuum pumps are a staple in plastic resin conveying systems. These vacuum packages in our V5 configuration are designed to move LLDPE and FRPE polyethylene pellets through a conveying system. They feature inline filter silencers as well as...
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Poultry Hatchery Vacuum System

Hatcheries frequently use positive displacement vacuum pumps for conveying eggshells and other parts throughout their facilities. This vacuum package, in our V2 configuration, will be used in conjunction with an air/water separator.
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