What is the difference between the series of blower silencers?

pdblowers carries a variety of blower silencers for all of your positive displacement blower and vacuum pump applications.  There are two considerations when it comes to selecting the right blower for your application:

  • the silencer should be the appropriate type
  • the silencer should be the right size, i.e. it must have sufficient capacity for the volume flow.

Step One – To select the right silencer, first determine what type you need.  View our article Types of Blower Silencers to learn the difference between Chamber, Absorptive, and Chamber-Absorptive silencers.

Step Two – Next determine the size needed.  You will need to know the airflow (CFM) that will be moving through your system.  View our article Silencer Sizing to learn about selecting the right size.

Step Three – Finally, pick a silencer model that meets both your type and size criteria.  Visit the silencer category on our website and use the filters to sort until you find silencers that meet your need.  Alternately view our article Blower Silencer Comparison to learn about the difference between the different silencer series available.

For our customer applications, the most common model is an RIS inlet silencer and/or an SD discharge silencer, but there are plenty of options to fit other situations.

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