Product Description

OEM replacement rotors for the Roots 68 URAI blower – includes the 68 URAI,  68 URAI-DSL, and 68 URAI-G models.  Please note these rotors are not sized for metric units.

This listing is for new OEM rotors. These are typically not kept in stock and will be sourced from the factory once your order is received.

Each rotor consists of one integrated stainless steel shaft and cored cast iron impeller.

Length: ”
Width: ”
PN: 26412.12.68

Length: ”
Width: ”
PN: 26412.13.68

Roots Blower Rotors

Every Roots rotary lobe blower has two rotors, with each rotor consisting of a shaft and impeller/lobe. The drive rotor has a longer shaft that extends out of the blower casing where it is connected to the driver.  The driven rotor is shorter and cannot be seen from outside the blower.

Blower diagram - Driven and Drive Rotors highlighted


Impellers may be solid or cored, depending on the specific blower model.  Special options are available depending on application needs, such as plugged rotors or special coatings to provide chemical resistance. Contact us if you have questions about your application.

Sample Roots blower rotors