Product Description
Please note: The manufacturer will now only ship filter housings with paper elements inside. Felt and wire elements are still available for separate purchase.

Cartridge Air Filters Model Designation: CCF-16
Filter, 16″ FPT Connection
Paper Element: Element Part Number 81-1164, PN 22022
Felt Element: Element Part Number 81-1210, PN 22023
Wire Element: Element Part Number 81-1201, PN 22024
Dimensions: 30″ OD x 19.38″ Height
Rated Capacity: 7700 CFM at 5500 feet per minute (FPM)
ABS Plastic Weatherhood

CCF Series cartridge air filter is suitable for use on blowers, engines and compressors. It is designed to be compact and durable.

The standard configuration of the cartridge air filter utilizes a paper high efficiency paper element. Elements are also available in pleated polyester felt and galvanized wire mesh.

Paper Element Unit is 34-L16-AAP
Felt Element Unit is 34-L16-AAF
Wire Element Uit is 34-L16-AAW

The weatherhood is removable for access to the filter element.

Standard finish is blue enamel.

Pressure Drop for the filter is as follows:
50% of rated flow: 0.75″ water column pressure drop
75% of rated flow: 1.6″ water column pressure drop
100% of rated flow: 2.8″ water column pressure drop
125% of rated flow: 4.4″ water column pressure drop
150% of rated flow: 6.3″ water column pressure drop

CCF-16F Cartridge Air Filters

BOM Number: 34-L16-AA,1000001998,1000001416,1000001664 Categories: ,

Universal CCF-16F
Rated 7700 CFM at 5500 FPM
16″ Flanged Connection

Shipping Weight: 136 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 30 × 30 × 25.38 in
Max Flow:


Connection Size:

16" Flanged


Universal Silencer

Media Type:

Felt, Paper, Wire

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