Product Description

Felt Filter Element 81-1203

  • End retainers are Plastisol Molds
  • Outer retainer is Galvanized Expanded Metal
  • Inner retainer is Galvanized Wire Screen
  • Media is Felt
  • Clean Element Pressure Drop is 1.6″ w.c. at 100% of rated flow
  • Maximum Operating Temperature is 200˚F (93˚C)
  • Efficiency is 99% at 10 Microns

Used on Universal Silencer Models:
CCS-1-1/4, CCS-1-1/2, CCS-2
CCF-1-1/4, CCF-1-1/2, CCF-2

Nominal Capacity is 120 ACFM
Dimensions: 6.0625″ OD x 4.25″ ID x 2.5″ Height
Approximate Weight: 2 lb (0.9 kg)


Cleaning Universal Filter Elements

Pleated Paper Air Filter Element
Because of the relatively low cost of the paper element, it is generally treated as disposable and replaced when dirty. However, the paper element can be cleaned and reused a number of times.

Water Cleaning: Rap gently to dislodge accumulated dirt, soak thoroughly approximately 15 minutes in warm water and mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly under low pressure water. Air dry – do not dry with compressed air.

Compressed Air cleaning: Carefully direct compressed air (100 psi maximum) through dry air filter element, opposite normal direction of flow. After cleaning, inspect carefully for holes or cracks. If damaged, replace element.

Pleated Felt Air Filter Element
Pleated felt elements may be cleaned and reused a number of times. Follow the cleaning instructions for paper elements.

Wire Mesh Air Filter Elements
For best efficiency, wire air filter elements must be treated when new and after each cleaning. For oil-free adhesive, spray the element on both sides with Universal Oil Free Adhesive (P/N 81-0323), following the directions on the container. For oil treatment, dip the element in SAE 30-50 motor oil and drain thoroughly before using.

To clean wire mesh element, wash in solvent or warm water and detergent in a container large enough for complete immersion of element. Rinse completely, drain either air dry or use compressed air. After cleaning and drying, re-treat the element with oil free adhesive or oil as described above.

Time to change your filter element? A clean element should have a pressure drop of 1 to 3″ of water column (w.c.). Filter elements should be changed when the pressure drop exceeds 10-15″w.c. of pressure loss. You may want to clean or replace the filter depending on the power usage of your machine. Remember, excessive pressure drop will cost you horsepower ($$$) and can also cause excessive temperature rise on the blower causing blower failure, excessive horsepower absorbed by your drive (for instance v-belts) which may cause premature failure, and excessive horsepower on your motor causing overload and premature failure

81-1203 Felt Filter Element

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Pleated Felt
6.0625″ OD x 4.25″ ID x 2.5″ Height

Shipping Weight: 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 6.1 × 6.1 × 2.5 in
Filter Outside Diameter:


Filter Height:


Filter Inside Diameter:


Media Type:



Universal Silencer