Product Description

Vibration Isolator
R3 Gray
Max Load of 1100 lbs

Vibration Isolator Specifications
Neoprene Elastomer
Weight 0.78 lbs
0.25″ Max Deflection
Suited for a temperature range of -40˚F to +180˚F
Overall Height is 1.75″
Overall Length is 5.5″
Overall Width is 3.38″
Equipment Mounting Hole is 1/2-13 Tapped
Mounting Clearance Hose are 0.56″ Diameter
Mounting Hole Distance is 4.13″ Center to Center
vibration isolator diagram

Vibration Isolator Mounting Configurations
vibration isolator mounting options

Vibration Isolator, R3 Gray

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Vibration Isolator
R3, Gray

Shipping Weight: 0.77 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 5.5 × 3.375 × 1.75 in
Max Load:

1100 lbs