Product Description

The VersaBase is a “table-top” mounting platform that can accommodate the following positive displacement blowers:

ROOTS™ RAM™ Frames 412
ROOTS Universal RAI® Frame 615, 711
Sutorbilt Model 6LP, 7MP

The VersaBase is a pre-engineered system that enables rapid assembly of positive displacement blower and vacuum pump packages. The VersaBase Blower Package Kit consists of a fabricated steel base, lower guard, upper guard, guard uprights, guard cover and various brackets and fastener kits.

These bases are provided with various brackets and accessories to allow the use of silencers typically used in the industry.

The base can accommodate up to a 445T (150 HP) frame motor.

VersaBase 6B1

Up to 445T (150 HP) frame motor


pdblowers, Inc.

Motor Frame:

445T (150 HP)

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