Blower Package for CO2 Capture Technology

We have just completed a pressure package that will be part of a pilot program to capture carbon dioxide from power plant discharge.  The 1012 RGS-J Roots blower package has many special features to extend its lifespan in a very harsh environment, such as electroless nickel plating on the blower and 316 SS accessories like silencers, valves, and gauges.  After integration with the rest of the process skid, it will be installed at Technology Centre Mongstad (TCM) in Norway, the world’s largest plant for testing and improving technologies for CO2 capture.

carbon capture package 1
carbon capture package 2
carbon capture package 3

Package Specifications

  • Howden Roots Model 1012 RGS-J-H-N-PL-71-ST-L-B-OGE Gas Blower with AFLAS Seals and Electrolysis Nickel Coating on wetted components
  • Elevated Steel Base
    • Machined plates for blower and motor mounting
    • Sandblasted with epoxy primer and polyurethane top coat
  • 100 HP High Efficiency, Class 1, Div 1, 380 Vac, 3 Phase 50 Hz Motor
  • Renold, RB Series Torsionally Soft Coupling suitable for use with a VFD Drive
  • Coupling Guard
  • Inlet Silencer, Chamber Type, 10″, 316 SS Construction
  • Inlet Expansion Joint, 10″, 316 SS Corrugated with 316 SS flanges
Roots Blower 1012 RGS-J Gas Blower with AFLAS Seals
Roots Blower 1012 RGS-J Gas Blower with Electrolysis Nickel Coating on wetted components
  • Discharge Expansion Joint, 8″, 316 SS
  • Discharge Silencer, Chamber Type, 8″, 316 SS Construction
  • Discharge Check Valve, 8″, 316 SS Body, 316 SS Spring, Viton Elastomer
  • Electric Driven Main Lube Oil Pump, 380 Vac, 3 Ph, 50 Hz
    • Lube Oil Piping from main oil pump to blower lube oil piping
    • Temperature Transmitter Lube Oil
    • Pressure Transmitter for lube oil
    • Oil Temperature Gauge, local mount
    • Oil Pressure Gauge, local mount
  • Lube Oil immersion heater, 380 Vac, 3 Ph
  • First Fill of Oil, Roots ISO VG-100
316SS Blower Silencer
instrumentation on carbon capture blower package
Gauges on carbon capture blower package