Industrial Sawdust Blower Systems

pdblowers has decades of experience sizing industrial sawdust blowers for sawmill and paper processing applications.

  • Sizing blowers and vacuum pumps to fit application specs
  • Building blower packages to convey sawdust, wood chips, and cellulose
  • Designing and programming control systems for material conveying
  • Supplying blowers, vacuum pumps, and filtration equipment
wood chip and sawdust blower systems

Blower Systems for Sawmills

Pressure and vacuum systems are widely used in a number of different applications for wood and paper processing. Wood chips are moved with pneumatic conveyors for transport, storage or further processing. Excess water is removed from cellulose mixtures during paper processing. Sawdust byproducts are conveyed to other locations to be used as fuel to create heat or steam or other process stages.

Our blower and pressure packages are designed and built to meet the specific requirements of your project.

Wood & Paper Processing Blower Systems

Over our 30+ years in business, pdblowers has provided solutions for many different types of applications: conveying wood fibers, sawdust, chips, cellulose and more; even using vacuum to pull excess water out of paper cellulose mix during paper production.

The first project featured on right is a pressure package that is used to convey wood flour at a plant making composite decking material. It is housed in an acoustical enclosure that dampens the sound to a specified level.

The second project is a large sawdust blower system featuring an 832 RCS-J blower, 150HP motor, and large inlet and discharge silencers.  It was installed at a wood fiber recycling facility.

The third project shown is an order for 8 blower packages built for a company that installs turnkey systems for waste wood processing.  Their systems grind and shred waste wood, such as shipping pallets, into chips while removing any metal scraps, and some of their systems pull sawdust out of the air inside facilities.

Industrial sawdust blower package
wood chip conveying blower packages
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