Enclosed Blower Packages for Activated Carbon Injection

Activated carbon injection (ACI) is an effective method to reduce toxic mercury emissions from coal fired power plants.  When coal is combusted, mercury present in the coal can be released.  With an ACI system, powdered activated carbon is injected into the flue gas stream where the pores in activated carbon absorb the mercury. These two pressure packages will be used to inject the activated carbon at a large power plant that has won multiple awards for their commitment to reducing emissions through new technology.

Each package features a Roots 406 RAM blower, direct driven by a 50HP 3600RPM TEFC motor. The package is built on a custom base and also includes 4″ inlet and discharge silencers, an inlet filter/silencer, 2″ relief valve, and pressure gauge.  Each package has an insulated enclosure to reduce noise and protect the equipment.

Operating conditions
Gas: Air
Inlet Capacity: 440/433 CFM (± 5%)
Barometric Pressure: 14.54 PSIA
Inlet Pressure: 13.71 PSIA
Inlet Temperature: 70 ° F
Discharge Pressure: 11.0/12.5 PSIG
Speed: 3351 RPM
Brake Horsepower: 31/34 BHP (± 5%)

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