THERMTECH VAC50 Thermal Oxidizer Refurbishment

We are experienced in building new thermal oxidizer systems to spec as well as refurbishing existing systems.  This ThermTech 913/1262 VAC50 system features a 500 scfm oxidizer and incorporates a process booster blower which picks up the process flow at the skid edge and boosts it through the pressure drops of the thermal oxidizer skid.  It is fueled by 1.5 mmBtu/hr @ 5 psig of either natural gas or propane.

For existing systems, we evaluate and then repair or replace components as required. Process components, instrumentation and monitoring systems can be swapped out or upgraded. Thermal oxidizers may need to be relined by removing the existing liner, prepping the surface and then anchoring new high performance ceramic block insulation.  Sensors and igniter elements are tested to detect ignition as well as checking that the operation sequence is correct, safeties are met and controls are in good shape or safe and efficient combustion.

Once this ThermTech oxidizer system was no longer needed for its original application, it was evaluated, brought back to spec, and then repurposed for a new remediation application.

If you have a ThermTech oxidizer that needs refurbishment or you prefer a brand new system, contact us to speak with one of our experienced application engineers.



Thermtech VAC50 913/1262 thermal oxidizer
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