Now Stocking Vortex® Regenerative Blowers

Spencer Vortex VB007S regenerative blowerWe are pleased to announce that pdblowers will now be a stocking distributor for Vortex® Regenerative Blowers. Spencer Turbine has recently joined Roots as part of the Howden family and in light of this acquisition we have taken the opportunity to expand our geographical territory contract with Howden to carry this product line.

Vortex regenerative blowers are ideal for pressure ranges between 1.5 – 4 PSI.  They are compact, lightweight and quieter than positive displacement blowers; they require very little maintenance; and they are well-suited to a variety of applications.

Common Vortex Applications

Combustion Air
Test Air
Air cushioning
Wastewater treatment aeration
Air sampling
Food packaging
Trim removal

Pneumatic tube transfer
Radon gas elimination
Automatic bottling
Vacuum hold down
Soil remediation
Scrap collection
Tank agitation
Air knives

Aquaculture aeration
Dust collection
Pneumatic conveying
Powder recovery
Filling or bagging

Engineering blower systems for over 30 years

pdblowers is still the largest Howden Roots distributor in North America and has been named their Distributor of the Year for 5 years running. We are headquartered in Gainesville, Georgia in a state of the art 50,000 square foot production facility, and are best known to our customers for responsive customer service, our large inventory of blowers and related equipment, and our ability to provide custom solutions for any application needs.

  • Large in-stock inventory of Roots blowers, parts and accessories ready to ship
  • Expanded product selection including Silencers, Air Water Separators, Valves, Enclosures, and More
  • Decades of experience in specialized applications including Multi Stage Vacuum Systems, Pneumatic Conveying, Soil Remediation, Remote Monitoring, and more
  • Easy online ordering on the web at
  • Locations in Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Nevada, and Washington
  • Fabrication capabilities including UL-Certified Control Panel Build and Programming, Plasma Cutting, CNC Punching, Forming, Plate Rolling, Welding, Testing, and a 60’ Industrial Paint Booth
pdblowers facility
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pdblowers industrial paint booth
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HDPE & PPE Pellet Conveying Blower Package

One common application of positive displacement blowers is in the recycling industry.  These three pressure packages will be used to convey two different types of plastic pellets: HDPE (high-density polyethylene) and PP (polypropylene).
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