This product has been discontinued. For information on service or replacement models, please see below.
Product Description

Flow Range: to 20 CFM
Max Δ Pressure: 5 psi
Maximum RPM: 3500
Minimum RPM: 1527
Max ΔT: 90°F
Connection: 1.5″ NPT
Shaft Dia.: 0.5625″
Drive End Lubrication: Oil
Gear End Lubrication: Grease
Required Oil for Horizontal Unit: 2.875 ounces
Required Oil for Vertical Unit: 3.125 ounces
Unit Weight: 19 pounds (8.618 kg)

1701 Whispair Max

BOM Number: T30507020 Category:


Shipping Weight: 75 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 17 × 15 × 11 in
Max Flow:

250 CFM

Max Pressure:

6 psi

Max Vacuum:

12" Hg

Max Speed:

4970 RPM


Howden Roots

This product has been discontinued.

The Whispair Max series has been discontinued. Only models 2504J and 2506J can still be special ordered from the manufacturer.