Product Description

NEMA Frame 444T Motor Slide Base
Double Adjusting

Weight: 74 lbs
Product dimensions: 31.5″x30.5″x5.5″
pdblowers PN 31148 (modified 31148.P)

Modified base available for enhanced strength and durability
After using adjustable motor bases for many years on hundreds of blower packages, pdblowers has developed several upgrades that make the motor bases far more durable and easy to use.  Starting with the standard 444T motor base, our fabrication team makes the following modifications:

  • Welded Corners – The formed corners of the bare slide bases are welded together to add durability and strength to the overall base
  • Pushing Bolts – In two opposing corners, nuts are welded to the base frame and fitted with 6″ zinc-plated steel bolts.  These pushing bolts are used to help position the motor and adjust the alignment without having to put force on the adjusting screws which can otherwise easily become stripped.
  • Durable Paint Finish – After the modifications are made, the base receives a primer coat of Sherwin-Williams KEM KROMIK, a rust inhibiting, corrosion resistant phenolic alkyd resin primer, followed by a finish coat of Sherwin-Williams SHER-KEM® high gloss metal finishing enamel.

These modified bases are kept in stock for use on all pdblowers blower packages and can be purchased individually.

444T Motor Slide Base

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444T Frame
Motor Slide Base
Double Adjusting

Shipping Weight: 124 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 42 × 42 × 12 in

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