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The Model K3100 separator/polishing element is utilized in the Turbo-TOC® turbine oil conditioning system to protect turbine oil from particulate and water contamination. The K3100 is used in Turbo-TOC® Models KL5, KL10, KL30, KL60 and KT100/KL100. The material selection and construction techniques designed into the K3100 help it deliver effective water removal efficiency and effective particulate trapping ability. The K3100 separator uses a synthetic screen material to block water droplets formed by the coalescer, thus preventing coalesced water droplets from passing downstream. It also serves as a final particulate filter, utilizing the same filtration media material and construction method as the K4100 filtration element.


  • Exceptional Water Removal Efficiency: Combination of the K2100 coalescer element and K3100 separator element provide water removal to 200 ppm, with ultimate dryness to 100 ppm, at a water removal efficiency of greater than 95%.
  • Particulate Filtration: In addition to being an effective barrier to coalesced water droplets, the K3100 also provides particulate removal.
  • Reliable Construction: The K3100 coalescer manufacturing process uses long established construction techniques and proven assembly methods to deliver effective water removal efficiency.
    ISO 16889 Tested: Filtration performance is proven using the latest ISO Multi-Pass Test Method for Evaluating Hydraulic and Lube Oil Filtration Elements.
  • Cost Effective Solution: Kaydon Filtration elements provide for effective Life-Cycle Costing* (LCC). Factors such as element life, oil cleanliness levels, equipment reliability, and reduction of oil related failures contribute to credible savings and productivity. *Life Cycle Costing (LCC) — This is the true cost associated with the use of a filter element. This takes into account cleanliness of oil, filter life, change-out frequencies, and operator involvement. The cost of the filter element alone does not give a true evaluation of the overall cost.


Specification Turbo-TOC K3100 Separator
Outside Diameter 6 inches / 152 mm
Inside Diameter 2-5/8 inches / 67 mm
Length 28 inches / 711 mm
Weight 8 pounds / 3.6 kg
Filtration Rating Beta 2.5(c) = 1000 (ISO 16889)
Beta 1 = 200 (ISO 4572)
Water Removal Down to 100 ppm
(K2100 and K3100 combination)
Minimum Collapse Pressure 100 psid / 7 kg/cm2
Maximum Operating Temperature 250 F / 120 C
Replacement Pressure PSID 15 psid / 1.06 kg/cm2
Gasket Material Buna-N
Flow Direction Outside – In
Type Separator/Polishing
(water removal and fine particulate removal)
Application Turbo-TOC® Separator/Polishing Element


For more than 80 years, Kaydon Filtration has been defining and improving oil conditioning technology. And the heart of the technology resides within the elements. Turbo-TOC® elements are produced with careful filtration media selections, detailed element design practices, and well developed construction methods. Using authorized Turbo-TOC® elements delivers exceptional filtration and water removal performance.

K3100 Turbo-TOC Separator Element

BOM Number: K3100, A910268 SKU: 62015 Category:

Used in Turbo-TOC® Models KL5, KL10, KL30, KL60 and KT100/KL100
Lead time is typically 2 weeks

Shipping Weight: 8 lbs
Shipping Dimensions: 8 × 8 × 31 in
Filter Outside Diameter:


Filter Inside Diameter:


Filter Height:


Seal Elastomer:




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