Roots EasyAir RAM-X Blower Replacement

The Roots EasyAir or EAX line of OEM blower packages often include a tri-lobe blower.  Originally this was the RAM-X series of blowers, until 2016 when these were replaced by the TRI-RAM blower series.

The RAMX blowers featured rectangular connections that had optional bolt-on flange adapters. When the TRI-RAM series was introduced in 2016, these units also had the same rectangular connections, however in 2021 Roots redesigned the TRI-RAM blowers to have integral DIN flanges.

400 RAM X
Obsolete 400 RAM X Blower with rectangular connection
722 TRI-RAM blower with bolt-on flange adapter
Obsolete 722 TRI-RAM with rectangular connection (shown with bolt-on flange adapter)
Roots 416 TRI-RAM blower metric DIN flange
Current 416 TRI-RAM with integral DIN flange

Replacing obsolete EasyAir blowers

Blower Selection

409 155
413 225
416 280
617 400
621 500
722 600
728 770
826 800
832 1000

If your current blower is a RAM-X model, this table can be used to find the TRI-RAM equivalent.

Please note that while these units have similar performance specs, there are differences in dimensions and performance parameters that should be reviewed before replacing your current unit.

Further down this page you can find each model listed with a link to a detail page where you can find performance curves and dimensional drawings.

EasyAir Package Retrofit

Roots EasyAir 8000If your EasyAir package contains a blower (RAM-X or TRI-RAM) with rectangular flanges and bolt-on flange adapters, and you are switching to a current TRI-RAM with integral DIN flanges, unfortunately you will also have to replace some of the other components inside your EasyAir package.

The components that will need to be replaced include:

  • Inlet filter
  • Discharge silencer
  • Flange gaskets
  • Silencer wrap
  • Aluminum tape

If you need assistance retrofitting an EasyAir package with a new blower contact us

For manuals and dimensional drawings find your product below